Underlayment Products

While tile is ultimately the first line of defense against the elements on a roof installation, underlayments play a critical role by providing a secondary level of waterproofing protection directly on top of the wood roof deck. As a crucial barrier that contributes to the performance and longevity of the entire roof system, it is important to choose the right underlayment for your roof and your particular climate.

Boral TileSeal® Underlayment

A self adhering, modified asphalt underlayment that is easy to install and provides a slip resistant surface that seals around nail penetrations, making it the preferred choice for tile roofs.

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GatorSeal® Underlayment is a heavy duty, modified asphalt reinforced underlayment that seals around nail penetrations and protects against ice dams and wind driven rain.

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Citadel® Plus

Citadel® Plus SBS modified asphalt core self-seals around nail or screw penetrations when mechanically fixing roofing. Seals to the roof deck providing additional security against potential leaks compared to mechanically fastened base sheets.

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Boral® Ply 40

Boral® Ply 40 is an SBS modified fiberglass reinforced underlayment/base sheet for tile, shingle, shake or as a waterproof base for torch down APP, SBS & BUR system. SBS modified asphalt minimizes wrinkling and buckling associated with non-modified membranes.

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